There are good reasons for choosing Blickwechsel

We are companions – open communication and honest consultation are the basis of our long-standing collaborations.

We are time savers – Everything comes from one provider and that means uncomplicated communication channels and reliable schedules.

We are experienced – We have mastered international challenges, learnt from our mistakes and made it through our adventures. During our fifteen years we have made over three hundred customers happy.

We are innovative – We are interested in the trends of tomorrow and will take you on a journey into the future.

We are influencers – we accompany you from the first idea until you reach the social networks and encourage you to try unusual and bold solutions.

We are price/performance champions– We deliver a high quality whether it’s a high or low carat budget.

How much does a film cost?

There are so many roads that lead to Rome. We can make your story simple or complex, tell it loudly or quietly. An image film, event film or animation can be made in a variety of different price categories. You know your budget, and we can tell you, what we can get you for that amount.

The most important aspects are the number of shooting days, the size of the film team and the question of the types of technical tools we need to tell your story. Do we need special spotlights, dollies, cranes, or drones? There is a lot we need to talk about, so call us!  We will advise you and prepare an uncomplicated and non-binding offer for your film.



We will make a film out of your vision


  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Idea – Finding Workshops
  • Media training Coaching
  • Team Building – Employee Films
  • DIY – Video Content

Video Content

  • Image Films
  • Event Films
  • Spots
  • Explanatory Films
  • Animation
  • Live-Streaming
  • YouTube-Series
  • Films for Change
  • Documentaries
  • Video Portraits

Das Blickwechsel Team

Gerd Samland

Founder & Manager

 „Films that are brave and honest, deeply affect your audience, and that is exactly my aim.“

His mission is to transform visions into moving films. His passion is communication. He is a trainer and influencer in the idea-finding stage. He is a director and producer during the film production and he is a consultant for video marketing and social networks.

Hard Facts:
Master of Ethnology, Master of Visual Communication, Ocean Expert, Water Wanderer, Swimmer, Surfer

Contact Person for:
Brainstorming, Directing & Video Marketing

040 890 058 11

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Andreas Dobrzewski


„Films entertain, inform, inspire and move people. To take full advantage of this potential drives me as a film maker.“

Creative ideas, a love of details, a spot of technical nerd and a healthy sense of aesthetics – that is what distinguishes him, whether it’s film conception, technology-heavy-shootings, animation, or post production.

Hard Facts:
Diploma in Media Science, Language Talent, South America Expert, Water polo player, Paddler

Contact person for:
Conception, Animation, Post Production

040 890 058 09


Lasse Ohsten

Trainee Media Designer

„Interest, motivation and ambition is the fuel, that is helping me to turn my hobby into my career.“

Our trainee “Media Designer for image and sound“ meets the daily challenges at Blickwechsel during a film production.

Hard Facts:
School leaving certificate, Film Lover, Hobby Photographer, Fitness Enthusiast

040 793 064 69

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Alex Liebermann

Video Producer

„Keep on rolling! Films don’t only reach people’s minds, but also their hearts.“

This Blickwechsel sidekick supports the film makers in all areas of productions. A film enthusiast with an inclination for social media trends, he is permanently searching for new ideas and concepts.

Hard Facts:
BA Applied Media Sciences, Backpacker, Series Junkie, Snowboarder, Skater

040 793 064 69

Uwe Kielhorn


“Life is like a camera to me:
Focus on the important, catch the right moments & develop from the negative.”

Director of Photography in the areas: Documentary, image & advertising film and PR campaigns. Great passion for image design and more than 20 years of professional experience.

Hard Facts:
Globetrotter, Sailor

040 793 064 69

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Oliver Eckert


„My area of focus is always to get the images to serve the story, so that they awaken curiosity, make the issues visible, and arouse emotions in the audience.“

A Lighting-Cameraman for documentaries, feature films and image films, who is happy to share his knowledge at the Hamburg school of Art and in seminars about cameras and light at the SAE Institute.

Hard Facts:
Diploma in Visual Communication, Surfer, Skater

040 793 064 69

Would you like to be part of the Blickwechsel team? Vacancies can be found at Jobs.