Image films, Event films, Spots, Explanatory films, Animations, Live streaming, YouTube-series, Recruiting films, Films for Change, Documentaries, Video portraits,
360° / Virtual Reality, Aerial shots

Explanatory films
Animated info-graphics
Motion design
2D/3D Animation
360° / Virtual Reality

Social Media Campaigns
Idea-Finding Workshops
Media training coaching
DIY – Video Content


Imagefilm, Eventfilm, Spots, Erklärfilm, Animationsfilm, Live-Streaming, YouTube-Serien, Recruitingfilm, Change-Film, Dokumentarfilm, Videoportrait, Luftaufnahmen


Animierte Infografiken
Motion Design
Motion Graphics


Social Media Kampagnen
Medientraining Coaching
DIY – Video Content

Film Production

We have been making image films for companies at home and abroad for fifteen years. We favour authentic interviews, concept-oriented storyboards, and inspiring animations. We blend documentaries with image films and real action with animated worlds.

Blickwechsel is a full-service-creative-video content-production-company. What does that mean? We will support you in the brainstorming process with workshops and media training. We develop concepts for your video marketing. We plan, organise, and execute the shootings. We take care of the post production and make sure, that your films will be seen on social networks.

Everything comes from one provider; with a fixed contact person – effective, uncomplicated and a whole lot of fun!


Would you prefer to watch a short video instead of reading a set of dry instructions? Our animations convey cumbersome information in a quick and easy way. We combine animation with real action film, 2D with 3D. Our films are visually stimulating, entertaining and funny.

The secret of our explanatory films is called storytelling: embedded in a story, information becomes visible, emotional and lets itself be transported sustainably. Moreover, it’s likeable and has a twinkle in its eye.

Our animated info-graphics make the pixels dance and awaken dry statistics to life. Motion graphics make complicated relationships understandable.

Our animation opens up visual worlds and offers insights, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. We can travel inside the body, to far off galaxies or dive into the depths of the internet.



Video Marketing

Everyone knows it, the daily information tsunami. Only that which is striking, conspicuous or surprising will be noticed. A good film lets itself be listened to attentively, catches the eye and invites you to stay a while.

We help you to tell your story at the digital campfires of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Amazon. We advise you how video content can be meaningfully and profitably built into your marketing strategy.

Besides our varied workshop program, in the run-up to a big project we reccommend our in-house idea-finding workshop.

Let yourself be inspired by our social media academy. It’s a hotbed for experiments, rule-breaking & the growth of our creative trainees.